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Very big "toulousan" fan of the pc engine. He got an impressive collection of japanese hardware and software, and did a nice site about the pc engine. He also did a few demos using HuC and at last, he designed the romu, check on his page in the links section.
The first webmaster having offered Hu-Go! on his site (when it was still named FPCE), planet rom (closed now). A very old friend who provided me my first pce cds :) Without him, I would have never continued coding on Hu-Go!
Japanese emu author. He did FPCE, the emulator on which Hu-Go! is base. Right now, he's working on FPSE.
Bt garner
Webmaster of the famous (I hope I'm not mistaken in this url once more :). His site is a must see for every pc engine fan. He also runs the turbo list and the tg-hack list.
French acquaintance. He already come in my flat and saw in what pityfull condition I have to code, LOL
Met on #pce, he's a cool guy to know. Futhermore, he's trying to learn French :) Bon courage !
David Michel
French author of Magic Engine, the most known pc engine emulator, he always backed me up on Hu-Go! developpement when I needed him. He also made the Magic Kit, the pc engine assembler and now, I'm very proud to work with him on HuC.
David Shadoff
Another David, another talented coder. After having made his own pc engine emulator, he began making an assembly clone of T*tris and now, he's providing great docs while contributing to HuC and demos. Keep going, pal :)
Polish teacher in computer sciences, he was in the gameboy developpement scene and is now versed in the GBA scene...
nice coder, he was working on developping huc games and and IDE for it when he switched to its own project, YsOnline on
Another #pce dude. The Hu-Go! external relashionship guy.
hehe, he will never see this message since he's a non english reader :) Anyway, former webmaster of, he provided several pce iso and is now preparing another pc engine related site (maybe cd cover).
A very nice friend I lost of sight. I met him on #[email protected] and he found me the emuunlim hosting service for my site.
Another idler of the famous #(I-m-here-to-idle)pce. Nothing to tell about him, I never heard him, lol.
Gravis Zero
Ahh, my little gravis. He's a very obstinated coder. He's currently doing a zelda remix using HuC. Without him, HuC would have never received so much feedback :) You can sometimes meet him on #utopiasoft.
Japanese coder, he ported Fpce to win/directX under the name Xpce. I took some parts of this code.
Here is the perfect example of a sleeping bear. Active one day per year :) Excepting the difference between his activy and his ideas, he's a very good friend. You can often meet him on #utopiasoft.
J.C. Restemeyer
I hope I didn't misspelled your name :) He's an "underground" pc engine hacker which gathered lots of pc engine hardware docs to make our "bible" ^^
This famous guy is always searching around my lair for tasty news :)
French fan of pc engine. Runs roms paradise
Leto II
Not only he got a name from my favorite book (guess which :) but he's a nice friend, hosted as I am on and always fooling around on IRC.
French computer science student, we always have arguments when on irc :) (où il est Dédé ?)
Here's certainly one of the guy I'm the most in debt. Without him, I don't think we would be able to play pc engine cds nor iso on Hu-Go!. He's an excellent pce hacker and coder.
Previously news poster in geoshock, we met for the opening of the pc engine section of geoshock but he quickly had to concentre on his new promotion on retrogames. Hey, Opi, if you ever have some time for pc engine stuff, I'm still here to give you an hand :)
Paul England
A very famous person in the pc engine scene. He's the one who helped dismanteling the selling of pc engine cdrs for rare titles.
_pit_ (]pit[ or cruelone :)
Talented slovenian graphist. When he doesn't play cadash, he's doing graphics (the former page, e.g.) or the utopia one.
Talented designer but very busy, when he's not on IRC, he's making computer graphics for holywood movies :)
Webmaster of His a close friend of mine, very cool :)
Chinese pc engine game supplier. He's often releasing games on pce world site
Webmaster of We were working togethe before to bring pce iso. Now he's concentrating on public domain roms.
Nice friend from #emu on Ircnet. He was of those who introduced me to the emu world.
Sir jaguar
Owner of site and server, he's a very good friend of mine.
Aaarg, a karaoke fan. Impossible to avoid this when talking with him. Go and make him understand I can't code a karaoke into Hu-Go! while adding other features at the same time, on his site He has also done the fox logo of Hu-Go!
A very very young american student. He's a BMX fan and send me photos of him making amazing tricks while on bike :)
Webmaster of, he's very known in the french scene of emu news.
I don't know you at all but I read several pc engine docs from you. Nice background work.
A friend on #pce, sometimes release some pc engine games. Adept of whip punishment :)



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