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Areios PCE (6267 hits)
An excellent french site on the pc engine, by my friend, areios

Bomberman site (2878 hits)
A large site with almost every bomberman games available, a must see for lovers of this cult game.

Charles MacDonald's Home Page (2329 hits)
In the emulation link, you'll find a great pc engine emu still under developpement. Charles in himself is an incredible console hacker, he will surely bring a lot to the pc engine scene.

Consolemul (2207 hits)
One of the biggest french emu news site. I've been hosted there for several years.

Dave Shadoff homepage (2660 hits)
This site is a gold mine for all pc engine developpers. Go and see it :)

DJGPP homepage (1394 hits)
The site of the great dos port of GCC, THE free C compiler from gnu. Can't be avoided by poor exigeant coders :)

EmuHQ (2063 hits)
One of the cleanest emu news site.

Emuunlim (1759 hits)
A very big site of emu news and hosting. I had a mirror there.

Hostage down (1473 hits)
A site of a close friend, very good drawer

Hu Flash homepage (1419 hits)
This french site presents some technical info on the pc engine plus a project allowing to use flash memory for making homepage hucards.

Magic engine homepage (1822 hits)
Homepage of the best (but not free)pc engine emulator ..furthermore, there are stuff for pc engine developpement too

MindRec (1385 hits)
Site of a consulting compagny which also makes pc engine games.

Mondemul (1133 hits)
A french site including emulator infos, translation, tips for all kinds of consoles.

Nec for ever (2936 hits)
French site with some isos from my friend FagEmul in iso/mpc format. (hint: bug him to quit .mpc for .ogg for native support of those games in Hu-Go!)

Nec Plus Ultra (1413 hits)
This french site is a very interesting source of info for alternative support on pc engine, such as pictures from telephone cards, derivate bonks manga, ...

Nec ro pole (5695 hits)
A all purpose site on pc engine, with a few isos, cd covers, pd roms, info... (french only)

Pc engine Teikoku (4478 hits)
The site of my friend Aramis, with some iso, the nice romulator project, some tutorials for coding with HuC .. (french only)

PC Engine TK (1327 hits)
A pc engine video game trading site where you can find rare games against your own.

Pc-Fx (1541 hits)
A fresh new site dedicated to the pc-fx.

PC2E Homepage (871 hits)
The english home of this very promising GPL emulator for pc engine. I collaborate with its author to improve both pc2e and Hu-Go!.

PCE Catalog (2574 hits)
The larger and best catalog of all pc engine games around. With nice feature such as picture of EVERY game or cheat and such ... Check it out !!!

PcEngineFx (2194 hits)
The official site for pc-fx lovers but also have greta ressources for pc engine fans. JPop is also represented there :)

Power 3d (1531 hits)
Video games, emulation stuff and anime OST radio will be found in this french site.

Retro ISO Gaming Guild (4041 hits)
A PC-Engine preservation group dealing with ISOs and more recently, translation projects for both the PC-Engine and PC.

Retrobase (1419 hits)
A huge site dedicaced to the preservation of old video games. You'll find a huge database of games covering most systems.

Retrogames (2846 hits)
Certainly one, if not THE, of the biggest english emu site.

Turbo 2k (1492 hits)
The new version of this site which comes back with a new sober design and plenty of reviews (flash plugin needed).

Universo Pc Engine (2425 hits)
An english and portugese pc engine related site of a very nice guy.



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